#thesideshow June 17th 2015 The Wedding by Niles Reddick
June 18, 2015
#thesideshow July 11th 2015 Smitty by Thomas Mundt
July 12, 2015

#thesideshow July 10th 2015 Under the Unholy Banner by Vlad Teodor Petcu

Under the Unholy BannerThe dragons howl in winds
Under the unholy banner united;
They have new life and demolished innocent hell
After drinking angelic water from the emerald seashell;
Fireflies light the sky in bridges of shinny beams.
Denuded nymphs waltz in burlesque dreams,
Taming the beasts and alluring the poets.
Prophecies and glyphs are translated by Thracian exegetes;
Saints ride the stronghold’s griffins
While angels preach my tainted sins;
Here is the part where with the whitest horn
Taken from the majestic and chaste unicorn…
I pour a cup of ruby viscous wine…
The date is unknown and your soul is mine!