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July 16, 2015
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July 23, 2015

#thesideshow July 19th 2015 F.A.Q by Anthony McColgan

Arianrhod Industries thanks you for your patronage. We understand that the process of converting to a prosthetic body can be a challenging time, and we want to support you every step of the way. Our customer service reps experience a large number of phone calls and emails. Before you contact us, please look through our F.A.Q. section for your convenience.

  1. Q. I heard that this process can only be done for specific medical purposes. Is this true?
  2. While originally the transference of the self-awareness into a prosthetic body was a rare process used only for medical emergencies, recent changes in legislator have allowed people to undertake the transfer under conditions of mental anguish. Some cases have included fear of death, fear of sickness, extreme mysophobia, or the choice to identify as a synthetic being trapped within an organic body. Please view your state or region’s laws regarding prosthetic transference before proceeding.
  3. I am considering transferring my consciousness into a synthetic body? What is the next step?
  4. Here at Arianrhod Industries, we want to make sure that our customers understand the large decision they are making. There are preliminary physical and mental screenings that must be undertaken before we accept anyone for transference. To set up an appointment, please call our offices between 9 A.M and 6:30 P.M. Monday-Friday.

Q.I have completed my physical and mental checks and I am qualified for a transfer. Will my insurance help cover for the expenses.

  1. While some insurance companies still refuse to cover the transfer on the grounds that it is an “elective procedure”, there are those who will fully or partially cover the transfer under certain state regulations. We also offer an installation plan for those who do not have the proper insurance.
  2. I am going into my procedure soon. How should I prepare?
  3. Preparations must be made for both before and after the transference is completed. Make sure you have made arrangements for your biological body. If you are an organ donor, you can contact a number of hospitals that will take your remains away for no charge. Make sure you have a ride back from our facility as well as proper recovery time (approximately 2-3 weeks). After the recovery period, Arianrhod will provide courses on how to operate your new body and provide regular checkups.

Q.I have been in my new body for some time now and I have a still feel the need to itch and urinate. Is there something wrong?

  1. Adjusting to your new body can be difficult. While you no longer need to do such things as eat, sleep, or produce waste, your consciousness may still send signals as if you were still in your biological body. In extreme cases (e.g. feelings of starvation, burning sensations in the extremities, vertigo) adjustments may need to be made by a Arianrhod technician.
  2. I have been rejected from my place of worship for switching to a synthetic body. Are there any religious options for me?
  3. It is true, like many medical advancements, the process of becoming synthetic is seen as heresy in many major religions. While they are small, there are certain sects of Presbyterians that have welcomed synthetic members. While many of you may be contacted by the Unified Church of Synthetics, we must warn that they are currently under investigation for abuse of members and would advise you avoid them until the matter is settled.
  4. I’ve been told there are people who can modify my new body who don’t work for Arianrhod. Is that true?

A While it is true that unlicensed modifications exist, they are extremely dangerous and illegal. Any firmware updates or modifications that do not come from Arianrhod Industries should not considered safe and will void the warranty of your synthetic body.

  1. Am I still alive/human?
  2. While certain protesters and groups may have tried to have synthetic humans categorized as something other than alive, from a legal standpoint you retain your rights as a human and citizen as described by your country’s ruling body of government. In the case of self-identification, we at Arianrhod Industries believe that it is up to you how you’d like to be identified.
  3. Can I die?
  4. A. While your power source could be recharged indefinitely, most clients choose at one point to end their awareness. Arianrhod industries provides termination services for those who have decided that this part of their existence has come to an to end, including death counseling, painless termination, and proper recycling of your synthetic parts.

If you have any questions not answered on this page, or wish for more specific details, please contact a Arianrhod professional. We’re here to help you make a better life.