#thesideshow May 11th 2015 Girlfriend by Dean Lilleyman
May 11, 2015
#thesideshow May 13th 2015 Umatted by Kushal Poddar
May 13, 2015

#thesideshow May 12th 2015 Redhuman by KD Barker

Humans require structure and discipline. These structures must be born of self discipline, if not culled on the individual level the group will descend into chaos. Like pitiful peacocks strutting so proudly as everything around you burns, where there’s only ash left will you want to be king then? No, you’ll move on like a cancer to the new and shiny jewel or beg to receive the means to rebuild your empire. People get mad when ego is involved, throwing tantrums like three year old selfish snot nosed kids. Being offended is a sign of a small mind.