#thesideshow May 13th 2015 Umatted by Kushal Poddar
May 13, 2015
#thesideshow May 15th 2015 The Story of Moments by Arya F. Jenkins
May 15, 2015

#thesideshow May 14th 2015 Grow Old Like Herman by Jack C. Buck

The Dow finished up 153.49 at 16461
ending a three-day slump.
All the while, Herman ran his daily errands,
as an old man, if he is lucky enough, does.
People have stopped noticing Herman.
If anyone ever did, we wouldn’t know of it.
These mornings Herman bothers with very little
besides doing what he wants in his means.
If you are lucky you too will grow old
and live a life like Herman.
And, like Herman, you too will come to age|
and possess what Herman holds,
that measurable and stackable substance that comes with time.


Jack C. Buck lives in Denver, Colorado. In addition of being fiction editor for the audio art journal, Rocky Mountain Revival, he is also an editor for the literary journal The Harpoon Review.