#thesideshow May 28th 2015 Last Chapter by Grace Black
May 28, 2015
#thesideshow May 30th 2015 Coming to Terms by Ilana Masad
May 30, 2015

#thesideshow May 29th 2015 Climbing by Michael Woods

Conical maps may suffice on a mountain,
on a globe’s red face: dithering lungs
quake in oceanic plates
and my tongue.     Hold
your breath, your men, your horses. The stagger
breeds humility on cusps. If you
stumble,                 hold
my hand, my wonderment for eclipses, hold
my reins. Or not that—hold that
which projects the subjects, a pair of boots
back from the ranch—let film flap
in its rhythms, that empty room.
Near a ridge, on the river the full moon acts as a shield—I
place my hand on the surface,     hold
my hair as my lips echo water,
and shatter