#thesideshow May 7th 2015 Astronaut -Ilana Masad
May 7, 2015
#thesideshow May 9th 2015 Alseep Richard Spackman
May 9, 2015

#thesideshow May 8th 2015 Our Room and Their Art- Sam Silva

Rattling and cat sounds from the lungs.
A dizziness from which the morning hums
in sleep which lasts till noon.

Our rooms and their big art!
Computer music all day long!
Both death and Eros keep their vision

and their sound.
Creation is a long exhaustive word
painted near the window like a bird.


Sam Silva has published at least 150 poems in print magazines, including Sow’s Ear,
The ECU Rebel, Pembroke magazine, Samisdat, St. Andrew’s Review, Charlotte Poetry Review,
Main Street Rag, and many more. Has published at least 300 poems
in online journals including Jack Magazine, Comrades, Megaera, Poetry Super Highway,
physik garden, Ken again, -30-, Fairfield Review, Foliate oak, and dozens of others.
Three legitmate small presses have published chapbooks of his, three of those presses
have nominated work of his for Pushcart a total of 7 times. Bright Spark
Creative of Wilimington purchased rights to his first full length book
EATING AND DRINKING and put the book out through author house at there expense.
He now has many books and chapbooks available at http://www.lulu.com/samsilva54 and as books at Amazon.com
And his spoken word poetry is avaible at the major digital markets such as Apple i tunes.