#thesideshow November 9th 2015 The Agent by Kendall Bailey
November 9, 2015
#thesideshow November 19th 2015 The Black Whale by Michael O’Shaughnessy
November 19, 2015

#thesideshow November 11th 2015 She Leapt off the Side of High-rise by Sarah Moran


past the hands of her oppressors
and fell face first smiling.

She knew there was liberation
in this jump far more rewarding
than sitting back in the confines
of the way the world wanted her to be.  

She did this,
but not before she screamed to the world
that it could do better.

I wish she’d have realized that she could do better too.  
That jumping away
is sometimes just another form of compromise.

Sarah Frances Moran is a writer, editor, animal lover, videogamer, queer Latina. She thinks Chihuahuas should rule the world and prefers their company to people 90% of the time. Her work has most recently been published or is upcoming in The No Se Habla Espanol Anthology, Elephant Journal, Drunk Monkeys, Rust+Moth, Maudlin House, Blackheart Magazine, Red Fez and The Bitchin’ Kitsch. She is Editor/Founder of Yellow Chair Review. These days you can find her kayaking the Brazos in Waco, Texas with her partner. You may reach her at www.sarahfrancesmoran.com