thomas fucaloro

How To Become A Greaseball


Roll, let the muster burst into rapid oxidation
suck in the light and let the lamp become staring
find a way to tumble on you but not tumble for you
ramble this mouth exudes too much, doesn’t offer
hope just scorched jargon rhymed with all reason
I am a connoisseur of fine hair-care-products and turning
the’s into da’s implode this sense of inserting my fallacy into
other people’s conversations and my license plate frame will say pepperoni
and so will my breath but my shoulder blades spit testosterone and let me show
you some nude photos of my partner standing next to a mural of the american
flag and watch the roll become stop. Watch the stop become will. Watch the will become stone. My tan lines all point to your tongue splits me right in two. Let’s buy a pizza slice together and have three kids. Let’s name them after all the saints who don’t hate everyone
as much as we do. Yes, let’s have a pizza slice. 

(Title-George Carlin’s “The Book Club”)

A Complete List of All The Things That Are Still Pending

My teeth                    








In the rain                  






Someone else’s          




















(the) Melvins


Skee ball                    


Anne Carson  


Mosquito Song          


Some infuriating


I can’t remember yet


irritant like tick bone bite.


I’ve often tried to find ways

to end it, to give reason to cause

and reason to claws, this sinister

a rainbow of vein-pump-

muster-spit, this ceremony

for one

to die

as two




The emotion              


In breath


Perceived as               


Dream and waking    


To find


It was song                 


(Title-George Carlin’s “The Book Club)


Marriage For One

It’s interesting
how you climb
a mountain so long
you never realize

collapse until you are
under it, climbing through
stone, you never realize
how dry spots

wrinkle the dishes
with rings of time
they are there and I
am here

staring at the dishes
from the registry
your who-cares-it-in-law
ordered and who gives

a fuck about what we eat
from, I as soon go paper
and get dinner from
Hot Bagels Deli

then spend one
more night drying
these dishes
with me.

(Title-George Carlin’s “The Book Club”)