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May 11, 2019
THE HIVES ARE “ALIVE” after 4 years!
May 18, 2019

while talking to the elephant statues in my psychiatrist’s office, i realize they are more human than i am

i am starting to wonder what would happen

if god blinked while creating someone.


what are the side effects of being unfixable?




i have been thinking of drinking jet fuel

so i can forget the way you make me feel.

i write to you with shaking hands

what is “i love you” in morse code?


i tell phoebe that i am afraid of birds

to forget my real fear is of being alive.

what is the distance between us and the sky,

and what is the space in between?


paint me a picture of everything i am not:

metallic, cold, fluorescent light, overdrive.

lie to me and tell me you understand the moral

of the warped history of the world.


i want to be chaos.

make me into anarchy’s poster girl,

and paint me a picture of a bird in flight,

its wings, pounding in motion.

what is “i love you” in morse code?

how close is it to “save me”?




spyglass hill

we revisit my childhood home

i start wondering how hard it would be

to steal a street sign.


because now,

the anti-christ lives under my bed

waking me up in the middle of the night,


manifesting in insomnia.  the walls

of my bedroom are bare in some places

because i cant look at the faces in my pictures anymore


which is sadder,

a full casket or an empty funeral home?


i can not answer for the parts of me that are no longer whole.



ally wharton is a freshman attending college in the eastern panhandle of west virginia as a creative writing major and appalachian studies minor. she is a three-year participant of the west virginia writers’ workshop, and has been selected to read at the appalachian heritage writer-in-residence master class the past four years. her work has appeared in cheap pop, maudlin house, and five2one.