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May 18, 2017
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May 17, 2017
Things Speak to Us by Devon Balwit | Micro-poetry | #thesideshow
May 19, 2017

Tiny Pep Talk 

You are a sentient ray of light.
You are a sentient ray of light.
You are a sentient ray of light.
Youre going to be okay.


4 Morgan

I think of you whenever I listen to Deathcab,
yr poems make me want to fight for femmes and
beat Bukowski in a bar-room brawl
while running around my parents’ block in winter.
I hate going to poetry sections in bookstores,
seeing a cascade of alphabetized male names
save for Plath or Anne Carson,
the limited scope of the shelves.
I want to sneak your book onto the shelf,
so a stranger stumbles upon it
and their world opens up.

Xerox yr Optimism

What if archival work is the most hopeful thing we can do?
Examine the optimism within think pieces about the rot of nostalgia
the disdain for the possibility that this moment may be sweet enough
to look back on one day.

I like the weight of manila folders

and the slow creak of opening a flat file,
sifting through water-damaged boxes to find zines
from London or Turkey or my friends basement,
hugging them close to my chest
atone/ a tome
of love for something
or someone or some band,
I know that I can  love,
maybe that’s all I’m good for.
Unknowing + love,
but boundless nonetheless.

Nervous grrrl #1

You bought me a tallboy and smiled
I look up to you
when you text me
my stomach flips
a muscle memory of 2013
the panic of being confronted with a cool
far superior to yr own.


       from a 13 hour panic-crying jag
These poems are sutures
for all the places where
I scratched my skin
and bit my lip
until the skin broke.

About the Author

Rosie Accola is a zine-maker, editor, and poet based out of Chicago. She has work forthcoming in Ghost City Press’ Summer ’17 Microchap series. You can follow her on Instagram @rosieaccola