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January 30, 2019
January 31, 2019




In the beginning there was no beginning | Anfanglos De Novo | Solitary rule

presided over White Nothing | Olfactory static | For who knows how long | A land

before accumulation | A legacy void of legendary things | Then the minutiae of

movement cracked | Forward rolled | Rolled forward | Friction begat Alpha | Alpha

begat life | Life begat bloodletting mortals whose minds grew heavy with questions |

Mortals begat a cavalcade of almighty & omnipotent beings whose consciousness

had been formed by the imagination and devotion of the purpose-empty | It was not

the gods who came first, it was the people who created Odin, Ra, Unkulunkulu,

Sarutahiko, Ōkami, Zeus, Jehovah, Flying Spaghetti Monsters | The gods begat the

Boil of Job | Dermaspectre | The Boil of Job burst and begat a pustule spawn of

Fryspunkts | Heinous Otto, Abigail Gnoc, Bacchanalia, Doba Topa, Baron Rhys,

Hooligan Hylls, Daggath Finch, and Sleepy Grrrl | Fryspunkts begat disorder |

Disorder recognized | Mischief spun | Armageddon (as they knew it) | Return of the

White Nothing | Sleepy Grrrl was sleeping | Floating in olfactory toast | They

reached into her | With their godly hands | Ripped out her colon | Submerged in

creationyte | Deific secretions | Slime of the gods | Brought life to the celestial

colon | The Dammit Hole | Sleepy Grrrl slept | Bacteria spoke | Multiplied |

Dimensions | Living Ends and Dead Spaces | Governed by marauders | Hellions |

Prolific minions of destruction | Then walked Trggvi | Absorbed the elements

through open sores | Shapeshifter | Storm brewer | Trggvi hugs you | Trggvi

dissolves | Crawls into you | Trggvi worms in wood | Is door | Is mirror | Is the

sand in your shoe and then your shoe | A smile on your ankle | Trggvi learns |

Becomes the molecules | The makeup of your carbon | You live in Trggvi and Trggvi

lives in you—

C. C. Hannett / Anfanglos De Novo / Kris Hall / kmwgh loves cheesesteaks and Danny Devito GIFS. He is the Author of I Gave This Dream to a Color, Triune, and SAGA ctrl (Spuyten Duyvil) + a number of chapbooks. He is the event organizer for Quake: An Everett Lit Crawl and Poetry: Uncharted. Currently, he manages Really Serious Literature (@rlysrslit) and their Disappearing Chapbook Series. Work has been placed with Softblow, DREGINALD, Gramma, Juked, South Broadway Ghost Society, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Dream Pop, etc. You can find him somewhere in the PNW.