The Inception of Bees

Out of the killer came what is sweet.



                                    Out of the killer came what is sweet.   



And then all at once, a bee. Then another. Soon a murmuring


            helix                 of heartbeats coil                        up


to the heavens                            like strings of some god’s marionette.


                        Below, a body.


What was once a body                now a puffed carcass


            given itself over to the story of sweetness.


The ancients named bees Lukoskordon                   which is to say


            torn by wolves        as it was believed           bees arose


from the corpses of Greece’s dead.             And so


                                    at the essence of honey, decay.


            The intoxicating aroma of mortality—


which feeds the earth,                 that great mother ever hungry


            to cleave civilization                    from our chest


                                    and cover us in saccharine wildness         


            until we return to bees,               to the hive from which we came.

Trista Edwards is an associate editor at Luna Luna Magazine. She is also the curator and editor of the anthology, Till The Tide: An Anthology of Mermaid Poetry (Sundress Publications, 2015). You can find her work at 32 Poems, Quail Bell Magazine, Moonchild Magazine, The Adroit Journal, The Boiler, Queen Mob’s Tea House, Bad Pony, and more. She creates magickal candles at her company, Marvel + Moon. You can follow Trista on Instagram at @tristamarieedwards & @marvelandmoon