Five Poems by Clifford Browder
#thesideshow July 14th 2016 Five Micro poems by Clifford Browder
July 14, 2016
Decline of Western Civilization Review
July 15, 2016

Two Micro Poems

by Jacklyn Janeksela


immaculate conception my vagina



with only two fish : we can become goddesses ourselves
crowned crows peck eyes for virgin sunrise & suicides

they slip between our fingers : sage bush & rabbit’s foot
howled we prance armed with fistfuls of bloodroses

bundled we sneak into podded crevices : bake under noon sun
robin breasts confess that love looks like this

mud-tipped fingers : searching a riverbed over and under
helixed we dance a dance invented by smoke & cloak

with two fish we transition : the twinned of double vaginas
tuck a poppy cupped hand between thighs & branches


how to be born without knowing it



we dream like witches like women like men : vibrate the knife
that cuts another limb –we are working towards no-name entities
& bodies unseen

spindle the spool the spooning of us
sleeping giant: awakes, scratches the corner
of the third eye –laughing, we share air kisses

:plumed you puff: plumed i fall:

we dream like fruits, sleeping : pods ready to tree-jump
if we were any braver, we could fly
& reach home-like home

the mere mentioning of owls : labor pains : reincarnation
riddle the rattle of a baby we’re having
its soft like leaves, muddy-faced it floats & talks in tune

we dream like mothers like sisters like lovers/top the drop
that fills a cup –we are emptying a stain the color of a star

Jacklyn Janeksela is a poet among other things. her art/poetry can be found @ felled limbs, The Tower Journal, Oddball Magazine, The Nervous Breakdown, Berfrois, e-ratio Poetry Journal, All in Your Head, Thirteen Myna Birds, Barrelhouse, Uut Poetry, & Thought Catalog. she is in a post-punk band called the velblouds. her artwork @ femalefilet, her blog for women about women, is her baby.more artwork can be found here: &