For Sharon by Benjamin Niespodziany


A four leaf clover with a clove ripped
is still considered good luck, right?

She passed away into the night
on her day bed wearing a pair of red heels.

The next evening, I shook her hand
in a steel-soaked dream and she socked me one

in the kisser. I rooted for her in silence
as I placed a bracelet of diamonds

disguised as her childhood
journal entries on top of her grave.

I swallowed all of the dirt that she didn’t want
anywhere near her, replacing the soil

with a brass section and a crowd
of black roses exhaling smoke.


Benjamin Niespodziany is a librarian at the University of Chicago who owns and operates the multimedia art blog [neonpajamas]. He has had his poetry featured in tenderness, yea,, and Water Soup Press. At the end of 2017, he self-released a chapbook of prose poems known as Dress Code Aquarium.