Two Poems by Tiana Murrieta | Micro-Poetry | #thesideshow

December 4, 2017
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December 3, 2017
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December 5, 2017

Blood Orange


Eat an orange
after a bloody nose

Let it bleed
then set the peel down
on the counter
next to the tissue

Eat the fruit, let
the juice hit your lips
mix with the red
dripping down

It’ll taste acidic
and metallic
and you’ll love it


A Morning Commute Dabble In Every Worst-Case


The wave that crashes
the shore and so much

more: the houses, the
people. The wave

that could but doesn’t
A train that derails

because a nine year-old
got his scooter stuck

on the track and refused to
let it go. The conductor

that tried his hardest, too
hard. The train that could

but doesn’t.

About the Author

Tiana Murrieta is a writer out of Massachusettes where they are working on expanding their collection of poems. Recently, Murrieta’s work has appeared in Drunk Monkeys.