Two Stories by Sean Cunningham

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August 30, 2018
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September 1, 2018

The Watercolour Teddy                                                                                                

I painted a watercolour teddy so vast that no gallery could hold it, so I propped it up against the Eiffel Tower.

For three days the entire world lived in Paris; art lovers, art haters, and art indifferents all flocked to see it and my heart swelled to the point that it burst with pride. I was declared dead at the foot of my creation, but managed to sign it with my heart’s own blood before I slipped, too soon, away.


For those three days, love reigned over hatred; peace reigned over war; then the skies rained down over Paris. The teddy washed away and streaked through the streets, seeped in to the Seine, and swept up every last person and carried them home.

All it left behind was a blank canvas and a name written in blood.







You are rich in bottlecaps and broken glass – green, brown, blue, you’ve got all the colours – just like your father before you, but not his father before him. You close your eyes because your eyes need to close for just a moment and you see wonderful blueberry and chartreuse dancers dancing as onlookers look on. It is supposed to rain and feels like it will but it has not rained nor is it raining yet. You can smell the thunder and it smells like burnt caramel and sweat. The moths


About the Author

Sean Cunningham, is twenty-three, from Liverpool, and currently studying for a BA in English Literature. His writing consists of very short prose and poetry; the former can be found in the Eastern Iowa Review and forthcoming in Indiana Review Online and Bending Genres, the latter can be found forthcoming in Moonchild Magazine.