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Let me be honest here Ty Segall is one of my favorite musicians. Between his many projects  I don’t think there is any song or album of his that I don’t like at least to some degree.  Part of the appeal he has to me at least is that he is both experimental and a true musician wrapped up in one.  “Taste” is the teaser track from his forthcoming album “First Taste” due out on August 2nd. 

As much as I love his music I tried to listen to this new single  with an objective ear. “Taste” like most things put out by Ty is a toe in a new genre.  It dirty, filthy, corrosive and wicked. I loved the mix of synth and guitars. And of course the drums of long time Freedom Band bandmate  Charles Moothart. This track is def confident and sure of itself . It stays its course and so in my opinion its a really good song.  I would venture to call this song beautiful but in the way that dark comedy is funny. I very much look forward to August 2nd so I can see how this song tastes with the others.  

 It’s accompanied by a equally dirty and wicked music video directed by Joshua Erkman.  


Nathan Alan Schwartz likes to dance in the pale moonlight.

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