Valentine by Gregory Wallace | Art | #thesideshow

July 2, 2017
Four Cubits Make a Man by Christopher Allen | Flash Fiction | #thesideshow
July 1, 2017
Ganpati by Simran Khokha | Art | #thesideshow
July 3, 2017

About the Artist

Gregory Autry Wallace is a poet, painter and collagist living in San Francisco. He studied English, World and Comparative Literature, and Creative Writing at San Francisco State University. His poetry and collages have appeared in Athena Incognito, Atticus Review, Paper Radio and NRG. In addition his work is soon to appear in Black Scat Review and Clockwise Cat. He was a poetry editor for Ink Magazine and a founding editor of Oblivion Magazine. Mr. Wallace is the author of The Girl with Seven Hands and is currently working on a poetry collection called The Return of the Cyclades.