#thesideshow May 1st 2015 Wintess by Brian Michael Barbeito
May 1, 2015

Winter Sun| Alana Costello| Five 2 One Issue 6

Winter Sun

by Alana Costello

setting in the pink,

gauze clouds
for biting, cracking cold
split-finger skin.

i’m out in the woods?
are you out in the woods?
or are you afraid again…

baby, honey, sweety,

are you with her again?

in the dark warm womb
of your studio.
is she singing you lullabies
an octave higher than mine,

or are you somewhere in the dips
of her caramel,
hanging from her hips
like a crinoline skirt?

i’m out in the woods baby,
are you coming with the herb?

or you just gunna haunt awhile?
just gunna dream awhile
between her thighs?

i’m out in the woods baby,
burying my skin
below the evergreens

diggin’ and diggin’
‘til my palms bleed

i’ll be here all night.

Alana Costello is a writer living in the NY area. She currently studies Creative Writing at SUNY Purchase and spends her time writing, interning and making music